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Our pillars


RM Collections Limited (trading as RMC NZ Limited) is a brainchild of environmental enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, passionate and committed to making our world the best place to live in.

We base our beliefs and values on three pillars - the Environment, the People and the System - guiding us to achieve a sustainable pathway to our mission statement and vision. 

Environment - the power of earth

Everything we do as humans, as a community, as a society, as a nation and as a planet - we owe it all to the mother earth. Our environment!

We have been bestowed with a privilege to cherish the goodness that our planet offers. It is our duty and an obligation to nurture it and ensure it is been taken care.

People - the power of passion


Our people are pivotal to our passion and achieving our dream. We believe, success is directly proportional our drive to achieve it. Our team is our asset, our strength and we are proud to work as whanau. Every person is important to us and we value them all. 

System - mapping the world

The system comprises of our world - the operations, the processes, the technology and our habitat. The composition of all, ensures a seamless and safe delivery of the projects that we undertake. We take pride of what we do and where we perceive to be. We envisage a sustainable business operation with a robust business strategy.

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