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RMC Consultancy

We offer Environmental consultancy services by developing technically sound solutions that are cost-effective, robust, relevant and meet the commitment to sustainability. We endeavor to work closely with our clients to understand their requirements in order to provide them effective solutions. We do this by partnering with environmental experts with domain knowledge and skillsets.

Building Plan

Sustainability Policy and Strategy Development

Image by Kevin Lofthouse

Freshwater Testing and Analysis

Environmental Worker

Environmental Impact Assessment

Plant & Irrigation System

Ecological Restoration Strategies


Sustainability Tools and Reporting

Image by Kyle Glenn

Natural Resource Management

Sustainable Energy

Environmental Management Plans

Green Waste Recycling

Waste Management and Landfill

Polluted Stream

Stream Ecological Valuations (SEV)

green papers

Environmental Compliance Auditing

Business Conversation

Advice on Policy Development

Girl with Windmill Toy

Advice on Maximization of Energy Efficiency

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